Get the Difference Between a Fake Doctor’s Excuse and a Real One

Generally original/ genuine things will always have some degree of quality in them. Even though people may try making their own things by copying or emulating from the original ones, there is not point at which a fake thing shall be a hundred percent similar to the original one, and this applies to doctors notes.

The signature of a legitimate doctor’s excuse at is always difficult to print or reapplied by any one or anything. When you have a look at the signature of a fake note, if you are keen enough you should be able notice some kind of reapplication in the signature. In fact, some signatures are printed just to appear the same as the original signatures but in real excuses.

As you go through a fake note, there are high chances of coming across some levels of redundancy, exaggeration and unclear aspects. Some of the reasons given do not mesh with the general life of the worker in the past or the student. So a boss or a school head is full of doubts and suspicions when he comes across such notes and the opposite will always be right.

The material use in drafting a fake doctors excuse slip is of poor quality. It might be light and its texture very slippery. This is so different from a real excuse since you will find it being printed on a good quality material.

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